Portraits of the Galactic Empire

In Brief


“Portraits of the Galactic Empire”

“Portraits of the Galactic Empire” is a classic space opera style game, played using the Mongoose version of TRAVELLER, with all supplements included as options for players (and by extension for NPCs).

The story will start with a group of established colleagues who are already relatively well off (financially) and are second or third term in their career. No particular background will be required, and the challenges which are faced could be tackled in any number of ways.

Adding spice to the mix, there is an element of TEMPORAL DISTORTION _involved in this implementation of the _TRAVELLER universe, which may lead to diversions and potential adventure in galaxies and times away from normal experience. The temporal distortions are unpredictable and hard to harness in a methodical fashion, although Imperial scientists have been working on this for some time.



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